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An extra seating for every home! Add style and color to your living room or bedroom with Mor Decor modern pouf. These multipurpose pouf stools can also be used as a footrest, side table or extra seating for guests. Pouf, ottoman, stool, pouf stool, whatever you may call them; they are the most versatile piece of furniture you could own. You can place this pouf ottoman around the living room or under the coffee table, ready to be pulled out for guests. You can buy online poufs from Mor Decor. No matter what type of theme your home has either is modern or contemporary, this accent furniture option is a go to piece with every ambience. Easy to move and carry these pouf stools can be placed any area of your home for more seating. This piece of furniture can be used as living room ottoman or bedroom pouf as per your convenience of seating. You can easily purchase online poufs from us or you can also visit our Display center, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi to feel and buy them.

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