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Aesthetics Center Table

Short Description

It’s unusual foundations attracts the first and second is its beautifully designed Hexagonal top makes this table more elegant and attractive with marble table top. Grinded metal can be either monochrome or made in two colors. In this piece of furniture, everything that makes it not only attractive, but also a model outside of time is unusual.

Item Code: CE071801

Finish: Glossy Gold with the touch of Royal Black

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Regular Price: Rs. 237,000

Special Price Rs. 225,150

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Rs. 2,25,150 (5 % Off), Limited Time Offer
36 Months' Warranty, 100% Genuine.

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Specifications :

    44"x 51", Ht.-17"
    Stainless Steel base with Marble Top
  • STYLE:
    36 Months

How To Give More Life To Your Furniture :

1. Don’t keep sharp-edged objects directly on marble. 
2. Use coasters and mats on marble countertops to protect them from cutlery.
3. Marble stains very quickly, especially if a liquid is allowed to sit untouched for a period of time. Clean up juice, wine, and coffee as soon as they are spilled.
4. Always start with a light cleaning, sweeping surfaces as needed with a soft brush or cloth. Then assess if more care and cleaning is needed.
5. When it comes to cleaning products, non-detergent liquid soap (think dish soap) is your friend. It will clean without harming your furniture
6. Don’t drag your furniture as it may cause damage to furniture legs.
7. You can use Collin to clean your furniture but don’t apply Collin directly to the furniture. Spray it in micro fibre cloth and wipe it slowly. 
8. Don’t drag cutleries on your marble top as it may leave permanent scratches on your beautiful furniture.

Who am I?

"I know, I know... my shape, size and base is quite unusual. One day, while repairing his computer system, my designer saw unusual lines on motherboard and thought of creating something exceptional from it. He took hexagonal base and stands these unusual lines on it and served me with beautiful marble top."

Additional Information

Additional Information

Discount Price Rs. 2,25,150 (5 % Off), Limited Time Offer
Offer Price