The concept truly fits in the context of interior designing. The task of design starts when you prepare the blueprint of your thoughts. When those thoughts get the visual feel, you will get an overall harmony and the persona of yourself in your abode. Here’s the simple thing one has to understand when designing their home- install only those thoughts that can improve the living. Our home is the place where we spend most of our time, ergo, it’s important to keep its shape in our favor and not what others say or have done in their own homes. The primary objective of the best interior design is to achieve customized comfort, and the key to unlocking this is to think beyond the visuals. To catch true harmony, it is essential to have a keen understanding of every sense, apart from the aesthetic, including the sense of hearing and touch, and the sense of furniture fragrance too. No matter what home interior design you want, the interior design services available to us are creative minds of top interior designers in India will enhance your interior, with all of the latest trends. It will fill your interiors and even exteriors of the house with the beautiful and colorful look

Interiors Services

1. What Interior Design services do we offer to our customers?

Ans – Our team of Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a ‘new execution’ or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services. Initially, Our Designers understand your requirements, and also contribute their ideas to help you to make the right decisions. Post, which a suitable proposal is presented considering the budget. Upon project agreement between our team and the customer, the order is confirmed, and an appropriate timeline is given for each stage for a successful executi

2. What are the other services, which are not included in our Interior solutions?

Ans – Any structural changes (i.e. Construction/Civil related work) Flooring Bathroom décor, design, or fittings Custom window treatments Painting Service (Suggestions offered/No execution)

3. What is the ideal stage for an interior design consultation?

Ans – We suggest our customers reach us out for an consultation two-month prior of their basic construction and flooring completion. We shall utilize the time in understanding your requirements and helping you finalize ready to move products and also work on the design concept of the desired Interiors. Simultaneously as the possession date is closer, we plan the modular work accordingly.

4. What if you wish to get Interiors of only a few rooms and not the entire house? Is the service offerable?

Ans – Yes, we do offer interior design services for particular rooms if required and separate room projects are carried out.

5. Are custom designs offered apart from the catalogue designs?

Ans – Definitely yes, we offer custom made furniture. We would request our customers to work out the customization request with our team.

6. What is the estimated timeline from proposal to completion of each project?

Ans – It depends on project to project and its requirements, also the schedule stretch depends upon decision making of the customer regarding how soon or delayed the responses are. Anyhow duration of 6-12 weeks is required for a successful completion.

7. How much will this service cost?

Ans – You pay an initial sum of Rs 19,999 for the consultation, which you can redeem later against any Mor Decor product. Besides this, you pay for any furniture and decor you choose from our catalogue. There are no other costs attached to this service.

8. What if you don’t like some of our products? Can you return them?

Ans – Considering each project has a different requirement and furniture work is done as per your specifications we do our best to deliver products with highest quality. In case of any damaged furniture product received on the time of delivery, or issue in designs the same can be discussed with our team to resolve your issues at the earliest.